Sunday, April 27, 2014


This is our Piglet girl that we adopted through you over 7 1/2 years ago. Today is her 8th birthday and she is doing great!! Thank you for bringing us together with her foster family. We still keep in touch with them and email pictures on birthdays as they have her brother. Thank you Paradise Animal Rescue for all you do 


Happy 1st Birthday, Athena!

Thank you Paradise Animal Rescue for rescuing this cutie, and letting us adopt her in June of 2013. 


Just wanted to say thank you...a little over 8 years ago I adopted Dante thru P.A.R. He has turned out to be BFF's with our 3 year old daughter! (& tolerates our 1 year old son...hahaha!) He's getting a little white on the muzzle, but he's still as energetic as the day I brought him home as a 10 week old puppy!


We adopted Scarlett early February. When we saw her on the website we absolutely loved her! She is a sweet loving cat and waits for me when I get home from school every day. She has her routine. She purrs a lot and she really loves her new home! I couldn't ask for a better kitty! She has big blue eyes and everyone in my family loves her! She loves to cuddle and she's very clean. :) 

Monday, August 12, 2013


My story is about Lexi, formerly known as Janie. Lexi is a perfect fit into our lives! She goes to work with us every day, has her own office chair, with a pillow of course, that she sits on beside me as I do my work, she loves going "bye-bye". She gets a bit sad when it's a day off of work and we spend it at home. She picks out her clothes each day before heading off to work, hops in the car, and we're off! We have found the perfect groomer, who takes the extra time with her to make her comfortable before getting groomed, her Mommy was more nervous about the first time than she was! We've had Lexi with us for about 2 months now, and can't imagine our lives without our little Lexi-poo!! A HUGE thank-you to Paradise Animal Rescue for helping us find our perfect dog!!


I adopted Lilli (a.k.a. Winter) in May 2013 from Paradise Animal Rescue. Adoption is very important to me, so PAR was one of the first places I thought of when I considered a new companion for myself and my adult cat Luka, who I saved from a kill shelter a couple of years earlier. Because my cat thinks he’s a big kitten and can be a rambunctious player, I wanted to make the best choice in order for a happy companionship for both. I put a lot of serious thought into the right age, personality and energy level of the new addition. I first studied each cat’s profile on PAR’s website and then visited their wonderful residents several times. Every person I met at PAR during those visits was welcoming and helpful when I explained that I was searching for the right fit. When I first met six-month-old Lilli, she had very recently been surrendered. I was instantly charmed by her but wanted to give her a chance to settle in before making such an important decision. When I visited her again a few days later, I knew she was the one! Lilli is a very playful, curious, independent and affectionate girl. After a slow but steady introduction period, she and Luka quickly adjusted and became instant playmates. They love to wrestle, chase each other and play king of the mountain on their cat tower. One of Lilli’s favorite games is to launch surprise “attacks” from hiding spots as her brother passes by. I don’t have to spend a lot on cat toys because their favorite is crumpled-up pieces of paper! I would like to thank everyone at Paradise for the opportunity to provide Lilli her loving forever home and for all of their important work in enriching the lives of both animals and people.